5 Alluring Reasons to Try Weed Candies

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Edibles or “marijuana edibles” are food items derived from the cannabis plant. Most common variations include weed brownies, gummies, and infusions. However, we are going to talk more about a specific kind called the “weed candy.”

What Are Weed Candies?

All edibles either contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol), or both. THC and CBD are natural compounds usually associated with multiple recreational or medicinal effects. But what’s different about weed candies is their irresistible, candy-tasting flavor achieved through distillation.

Distillation is when liquid is converted into vapor and then condensed back to its liquid form. For example, weed candies and other marijuana edibles are made with pure THC distillate. The most evident effect this process does is removing the strong taste of cannabis. And from there, we end up with a wide selection of delicious candy flavors.

edible candies, edible gummies, marijuana edibles, weed candy

The Beauty of Weed Candies

Now, additional flavoring might not convince you to give marijuana edibles a shot. But, there’s more than sweets this article can offer. You’ll later understand why weed candies are gaining so much attention nowadays. So, here are five reasons why you should try it out and why it might spice up your experience more than you’d expect:

  1. Taste

Topping today’s chart is no other than taste. Sure, marijuana brownies were a hot topic in 1954. But, we’ve gone a long way from sticking to just one chocolatey flavor. So, if you’d like to spice things up by sweetening more, weed candies are for you:

  • What exactly do weed candies taste like?

Most of the time, it tastes like, well, you guessed it- candy. You have unlimited options as to what flavor you prefer. The fan favorites are usually the strawberry, cherry cola, peach, or caramel flavored ones. Honestly, the flavor range of weed candies is so vast that a single article won’t be able to list them all. So, feel free to spice up!

Companies usually add other flavoring agents other than the primary flavor depending on the brand of your choice. Common add-ons include coconut oil, cocoa butter, or unsweetened chocolate. But don’t worry, weed candies aren’t “too sweet.” Experts specializing in these types of products work hard to maintain just the “right spot.”

  • Will I still be able to taste weed in edible candies?

Actually, that depends on how the weed and flavoring agents are distributed in the edibles. Some companies purposely retain the slight, earthy taste of marijuana because some people like it. If this isn’t you, there’s nothing to worry about.

Although this isn’t the universal rule for every edible, those with higher weed dosages are most likely to taste more earthy. It’s also helpful to read the candy’s product description. Some brands specifically specialize in taste than sensation.

But what if you’re new and have no idea which flavor to choose? Any flavor will do if having the slight marijuana taste doesn’t bother you (many people dig the taste!). If you like sweet or sour-tasting ones, the fruit or citrus-flavored candies will amaze you. If you’re feeling a bit more experimental, the cola-flavored items or the assorted packs are worth trying.

Suppose you’re someone who really can’t stand even the slightest taste of marijuana. In that case, there are two words for you – chocolate and caramel. These two variations are strong coverup flavors. Since these create a great contrast with bitter flavors, they will leave almost zero marijuana taste.

  1. Texture Variations

If you’re a fan of different textures, marijuana edibles will not disappoint. There are creamy and buttery ones (caramel and chocolate candies), chewy ones, and those with sugary outer coatings. Fan favorites include candies leaning more on the “gummy” side. They taste and feel like the gummy candies people purchase from candy shops.

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  1. Sensation

What’s the point of buying marijuana edibles without the “kick,” right? Weed candies may look cute and fruity on the outside. But, the sensation they can give you in a single chew is not something to underestimate. Here’s everything you need to know about weed candies and their effects on your body:

  • Can weed candies make me high?

Yes. Weed candies can absolutely make you high. In fact, these colorful goods are known for their gradual yet intense sensations that people look for when they want to be in a state of euphoria. But just like any cannabis product, it all depends on two factors – THC and CBD.

THC is a psychoactive ingredient. This is the one responsible for the euphoric or “high” sensation people love. So, the higher the concentration of THC is, the more impact it carries. The THC serving is measured by milligram or mg. per piece

On the other hand, candies that only have CBD won’t get you high. However, eating these are shown to be effective in helping with anxiety or depression. So if you want a quick fix that guarantees to promote relaxation and calmness, CBD edibles are the one to go for.

As mentioned earlier, companies tend to combine both THC and CBD in weed gummies. This creates a more powerful effect. Generally, each package has 240 mg. of THC and 100 mg. of CBD. So for starters, it’s advisable to start with 10 mg. and build up from there.

  • How high can weed candies make me?

As high as you’d like to be! For edible gummies or cannabis products in general, we measure by THC. CBD won’t be counted as a factor since, again, this can’t make you high. If you’d like a more detailed view on this, consider the table below:

THC Level

Expected Effect:

10-30 mg.

This level is recommended for beginners. THC levels like this are expected to affect coordination and perception. Euphoric sensations are also likely to occur after dosage. One gummy or piece generally start with 10 mg. of THC.

30-50 mg.

Strong psychoactive influences are expected from this range of THC levels. Here, you can experience sleep and hunger-triggering effects. This level is also suitable for lessening pain from wounds.

50-75 mg.

Considered a level for extreme euphoria, this definitely isn’t recommended for beginners. Taking dosages with such an amount will result in palpitations. So, make sure you know your tolerance level well before proceeding to this level.

100 mg. and above

Beginner or not, dosages with such an amount are going to produce excessive effects. Such include physical euphoria and paranoia for those with low tolerance. So unless you’re a confident cannabis consumer, this level isn’t suitable for everyone.


Generally speaking, each piece or serving of weed candy usually contains around 10 to 30 mg. of THC. Of course, you can build this up depending on how high you want to get. Above all, just make sure you measure your tolerance first. A tip is to start from 10 mg. and work your way up to a higher dose.

  1. Convenience

A recent study by RTI International reveals that their target population actually favors edibles like weed candies and brownies than other marijuana variations. Long story short, the eight focus groups included in this study had similar reasons for their choice, convenience.

  • Are weed candies really convenient than other cannabis products?

Yes, weed candies are more convenient than others because they don’t require much effort to use. Weed gummies are great options for non-smokers or at least those who shouldn’t. People with respiratory problems sometimes worry about their lungs when using cannabis products like smokes or vapes. But, this isn’t the case for weed candies.

Another reason why others prefer edibles is how it doesn’t emit smoke. So, there’s no scent, no smoke, and no secondary smoke for those around you. You’re basically traceless when trying out weed candies. Not to mention, it won’t need an open flame, so it’s even more discreet. This is the case for THC-filled edibles.

For CBD edibles, however, it’s also great because of the low dosages it possesses. Meaning, those with eating or digestive disorders can quickly get their CBD needs without exerting much effort. All it takes is opening the pack, and you’re done!

  1. Experience

Something shocking to many people is how edibles actually last longer than smoking! These candies disguised in colorful packaging can give you a less intense yet buildable “high.” But, it’s guaranteed that the sensation is going to linger in your body for a long time. Here’s why:

Weed candies penetrate the body in two ways; orally or via gastrointestinal uptake. For oral uptake, this means that the candy dissolves inside the mouth. Then, the cannabidiol is then absorbed in the bloodstream (credits to the tongue.) Most of the uptake in weed candies takes place through this method.

The second one is through digestion. After being mixed with the saliva, it goes to the stomach. And then, gets absorbed. Because of digestion, cannabidiol is slowly released inside the body. This is also why it’s a general rule to wait at least an hour before taking another piece of marijuana candy.

Weed candies take time to “hit” the spot. So, it’s not recommended to finish an entire pack just because you can’t feel the sensation yet. Just wait for a little bit. And when it does hit, you might be surprised as to how intense it can get!

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Are Weed Candies Worth Trying?

Yes, weed candies are worth trying. For first-time users of cannabis in general, marijuana candies can help you build up your experience and discover your preferences without shocking your body. And for those who’s been trying weed products for some time now, this may just be a refreshing way for you to spice up your cannabis experience!

Don’t forget, it’s essential to make sure to get top-quality weed candies only from your trusted site!

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