Weed 101: How to Wisely Buy Cannabis Online

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In 2020, there has been a noticeable uprise in purchasing cannabis products online. Since its legalization in many areas worldwide, people are taking advantage of having the power to buy cannabis online without the hassle.

The world is evolving, and people no longer have to look for the best options themselves. Luckily, Canada is known to be one of the top producers of high-quality cannabis.

Aside from the smooth transaction technology grants us, knowing that the finest weed is just a click away is something to smile about. Of course, this doesn’t give us the immunity to be free from scams, sketchy websites, and low-grade marijuana. 

To avoid instances like these, customers have to prepare themselves to avoid wasting time and money. With this being said, below are everything you need to know about ordering cannabis online the right way:

Why Should You Buy Cannabis Online?

Whether you’re just starting or expanding your experience with weed, switching to another method of bagging your cannabis fix may sound overwhelming at first. However, it remains a wise decision to switch to ordering online. Below are the reasons why this is so:


Ordering cannabis online removes the responsibility of personally interacting with shops. Another challenge for most people is spotting these shops, especially if they’re at a geographical disadvantage. This isn’t the case for online dispensaries, though. Anywhere and anytime, they can place an order.

Another convenient factor of purchasing online is reducing pressure. Especially to those who are still beginners, physical shops may overwhelm them with recommendations and conversations in general.

Whereas in online dispensaries, customers are given the power to choose whether they’d like to speak with a representative or not. Additionally, an article by Forbes reveals that 95% of customers actually prefer to be left alone.

It’s expected that most people don’t appreciate feeling pressured to choose a particular product over the other. Customers are also most likely to enjoy their shopping experience more if they’re granted the freedom to explore the products themselves. This kind of commodity is something only buying online can provide.

Wider Options

Imagine exerting the effort to go out, only to find that the product is “unavailable” or “out of stock.” For cannabis products, this can be a common sight due to higher demands on specific items. Luckily, customers can’t experience this type of discomfort in online dispensaries.

For online shops selling marijuana, owners can immediately tell if an item is running low in stocks. In just a few calls away, they can inform their suppliers to update the list. This is why availability is never a problem in online dispensaries.

Because of this, customers can have more comprehensive options to choose from. An insider fact about physical stores is how their stocks are dependent on the best-sellers. They wouldn’t want to risk adding a hard-to-sell item to their shelves.

The downright disadvantage is felt by the customers who want to explore fun and unique marijuana variations they never tried before. Fortunately, this isn’t the case for people who shop online.

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Greater Prices and Comparisons

Online dispensaries don’t need a physical shop. Thus, they don’t need to pay extra for store employees, rent, and decorations. As a result, their customers pay less compared to local cannabis shops with physical stores.

This is one reason why online dispensaries tend to have more discounts, deals, and freebies than those who operate outside the Internet. Another thing is comparison. Customers can compare better products and deals online than in person.

And suppose they’re unfamiliar with an item. In that case, online shops offer product descriptions from the suppliers for an informed choice. They can also read blogs relating to the different cannabis products to make sure they stay on track.


Ordering cannabis for all sorts of different reasons is a personal matter. Online dispensaries come with zero judgment. People also feel safer knowing that their identities remain anonymous on the internet sphere.

This is also a beneficial feature for beginners who are shy to ask about weed products. Online representatives don’t require seeing the customer’s face. So, they can ask as much as they please without feeling unsafe or uncomfortable.

Most online cannabis shops also have “discrete delivery.” Here, they package the items differently, so only the client knows about the order. Again, these are measurements taken seriously by shops because many customers want their anonymity.

What to Look for in Cannabis Shops

What makes a “good” shop? To avoid scams and unreliable shops, below are the pillars that indicate a smooth experience:

  1. Product Range

Customers should maximize their time in purchasing local cannabis. A rule of thumb is to find a shop that offers all sorts of products like dried flowers, weed edibles, concentrates, oils, mushrooms, and vapes. It’s also a plus if they have mix and match bundles for more fun!

Undoubtedly, the purpose of ordering cannabis online would be defeated if there’s not much variation in the availability of items. Having many categories means that customers can explore what they need and compare prices inside one shop. It’s more convenient that way.

Another vital thing to look for is a shop’s list of partners. Here, the more is merrier. Having many shop partners or suppliers point to a dispensaries’ dedication and trustworthiness. Shops like these must have an established history with suppliers.

What if it’s the opposite and a shop doesn’t list this kind of information? Then, this can limit what the customers can experience. Not only can they have fewer choices but, this makes a shop deviate itself from transparency.

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  1. Professional-Looking Website

Like most online shops, the website’s interior reflects the level of professionalism a business has. Here’s the reality about sites Everyone can make a website but not a professional-looking one.

See, setting up an official site takes time and money for business owners. While creating one does cost them a hefty amount, it shows their commitment. Since online dispensaries don’t have a physical shop for their customers to check, it’s the website that does the talking.

An article warns that links that don’t work or have an unusual look are indicators of dangerous sites. This also applies when downloads automatically start the moment the website is opened. Additionally, sketchy sites usually showcase strange behaviors when scrolling or clicking.

Before anyone tries to buy cannabis online, it’s encouraged to check the site’s graphics. Having a professional logo and good graphics are signs of a promising online dispensary. It also helps if a site shows categories of the products they offer to measure their product scope easily. 

The website is an initial factor to consider upon canvassing. A site doesn’t need to have the fanciest visual value for it to be deemed trustworthy. But, it pays to be keen on choosing which sites invest in the comfort of their customers.

  1. Age Verification

As we all know, not everyone is allowed to use nor share marijuana with minors. This legal requirement is something “legit” cannabis shops don’t ignore. So, suppose a customer ever encounters online dispensaries that allow anyone to access their site. In that case, it’s best to find another provider.

See, marijuana websites that scam people into buying weed will accept anyone regardless of age. And dependable weed businesses with trustworthy backgrounds understand that protecting minors from substance access is essential. A cannabis shop with no requirements for the user’s part is not to be trusted. 

  1. Pricing Matters

Before deciding to buy cannabis online, the customer should analyze the shop’s pricing first. “Is it too cheap or too expensive for its worth?” Questions like these matter because they indicate whether or not a customer can make the most out of their purchase.

An unspoken rule about buying marijuana online is to always seek “high quality” than “affordable.” Weed is something that goes into our bodies and affects them on a psychological and biological level. So, users must never jeopardize their experience and overall health for a lower price.

Luckily, there are reliable cannabis dispensaries that succeed in materializing the best of both worlds. Remember that real, top-quality cannabis isn’t cheap for the many benefits it gives off. If a website offers “too good to be true” deals, it’s most likely there to deceive.

To ensure that the product’s price coincides with its quality, it’s advisable to check the About Us section of the website. This portion usually lists a shop’s partners, stories, etc., that can help justify their packages. Plus, it allows customers to know more about the shop.

  1. Delivery System

How do they deliver? This is one of the most important questions to ask before proceeding to buy cannabis online. There are four things one should always consider:

  • Discreetness

This pertains to whether or not a shop allows discreet delivery. This type of delivery helps protect the customers from leaking what they purchased in the shop. It’s a matter of the client’s personal protection that an online dispensary should take seriously.

  • Scope of Delivery

Here’s a red flag. Websites promising to ship in “all areas of the world” or “in all areas of Canada” must be avoided. The reported online cannabis scams were caught fabricating the locations where they operate. And again, not all areas allow marijuana to be purchased by adults nor minors.

These scams usually promise guaranteed shipment to wherever a customer is without considering the legal factors. So for beginners, there’s a chance they might get deceived. As a tip, the first page of the website must list where they ship to without promising that they can deliver anywhere in the world.

  • Doorstep Shipping

This is referring to whether or not the shop offers deliveries directly at their customers’ doorsteps. It’s even better if the shop has a trusted courier system. This makes it easier to track or get updates in case conflicts occur. 

  • Payment Options

The more options, the better. Shops that accept debit/credit payments or other online payment options are signs of a proficient online dispensary. It’s also more convenient for the part of the customers with different preferred payment options.

The more popular payment options include PayPal and Interac E-transfers.

  1. Customer Service

Choosing a trusted source for local cannabis products is all about maintaining trust. Customer service points to how a shop communicates with their customer. For those who haven’t tried anything from a shop, there some initial aspects to spot.

The first is a chat support system within a website. This is a good sign that a shop shows interest in providing prompt responses. Additionally, this is beneficial for those still in question about what items would suit their situation more.

Another thing is the contact form. This is very important when it comes to communicating inquiries or suggestions. It’s even better if the shop is open about their operating hours. This way, customers can have an idea as to when their concerns are going to be heard.

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How to Buy Cannabis Online (the Right Way)

Since the legalization of marijuana in some areas, some “shops” might take advantage of people’s needs. So, it’s better to stay keen on how an online dispensary presents itself before its customer.

Buying local cannabis online shouldn’t feel like a complex mission. The easiest way to achieve this is by trusting a shop that stays true to its promises with an impressive background that supports its claims.

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