Cannabis 101: THC Distillate and Its Powerful Nature You Must Know

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You’re one of the two: You’re shopping for your cannabis fix. Good for you. Everything goes well until you see a product called “raw THC distillate.” It’s packaged in a syringe or a dropper. This is the first time you’ve seen anything like it. The crisp and golden appearance makes you wonder what it’s for. Or you could be a returning customer or a weed enthusiast who wants to know more about that fantastic THC distillate you tried the other day.

Either way, you’re in the right place. Today, we will talk about THC distillate and the powerful effects it does on your body, and the products you’re consuming. You might be surprised as to the many uses you can incorporate THC distillate with!

What are THC Distillates?

In its simplest definition, THC distillates are the products of distillation where we separate undesirable impurities like pesticides and waxes from the plant. After this process, it becomes the clear and golden oil-like product cannabis enthusiasts adore.

Although it takes after an oil-like consistency, there’s something you must know. All distillates are oils by nature, but not all cannabis oils are distillates. THC distillate is unique in a way that it’s pure. We can only call cannabis oil a distillate if it went under distillation. The components must be extracted, winterized, and THC has to be activated first before hailing something a “THC distillate.”

The process itself sounds tedious. But don’t worry, it’s all worth it – and you’ll soon find out why.

thc distillate, how to use THC distillate, cannabis products,

How is THC Distillate Made?

Let’s talk about the process more because it will help explain why THC acts the way it does when exposed to the body. A full-grown cannabis plant has hundreds of components. This includes cannabinoids (like the famous THC and CBD), flavonoids, and terpenes. The plant itself can be used for many things but, why stop there?

So, what distillation does is remove all components, including terpenes, from the plant. Then, after the extraction process, they heat the extracted remains. And when it vaporizes, TCH is activated (this process is called decarboxylation). Then, the evaporated product is decondensed again. Finally, after going through all of these steps, the decondensed remains are collected. Voila, we now have our pure THC distillate.

This molecular distillation process is the reason behind the potency and purity of THC distillate.

  • What’s so good about THC distillate?

Going back to the process, THC distillates have gone through an extensive process of distillation. Because of this, there two main reasons why people love THC distillate. First, it’s pure. THC distillates score a purity level range of 90% to 99%. This is a big plus for those who wish never to see other substances like fertilizers or solvents on their cannabis products.

The second reason is potency. Now, there’s a significant correlation between purity and potency. The formula goes like this – If something is pure, it’s also potent. If a THC distillate scored 99% in purity, it means that a gram would have 990 mg. of THC. As you can see, the process does a lot to the distillate.

  • What’s so good about “potency”?

We’ve been talking about potency a lot. Basically, potency is the measurement of how robust THC’s psychoactive effects can get. The higher the potency, the greater psychoactive experience you can feel. A few drops of distillate will do more than any other product because of its potency.

In simpler words, potency talks about how intense or strong a cannabis product is. However, if we compare the strength of THC distillates to other cannabis products, it remains unmatched. So, for now, distillates stand on top as the most potent variation of the cannabis plant to ever exist.

  • What happens when the terpenes are removed in distillates?

Earlier, it was mentioned that terpenes are removed in the distillation process. Is that a bad thing? Can it negatively affect your experience?

Firstly, the cannabis plant contains a high concentration of terpenes. This is responsible for the aromatic and intense flavors we get from the plant. This is completely removed during the distillation process since people are aiming for high purity levels after all. But, good news- they can bring terpenes back!

See, other people like terpenes but, most of them don’t. THC distillate is used a lot for edibles or weed candies. Since terpenes are associated with a dominating “plant” taste, it makes sense that people wouldn’t want that flavor in their weed candies or brownies!

thc distillate, how to use THC distillate, cannabis products, weed brownies

The Many Uses of THC Distillates

Aside from the apparent purity and potency talk, people love THC distillate for its versatility. And it’s not just on the product itself. THC distillates are known for the many health benefits it aids people with. So, below are everything you need to know about its versatility and how you can use it to your advantage:

  • What are the health benefits of THC distillates?

As the benefits of cannabis in general, THC distillates can help with plenty of ailments or conditions. For example, it aids better sleep quality, anxiety, poor appetite, glaucoma, and chronic pain. But, of course, the benefits you’re expected to get from cannabis are the same with distillates. After all, nothing can change the fact that they are derived from the cannabis plant.

There’s something you should watch out for. Since distillates are potent, it’s advised to take in small or low doses at a time (probably around 5 mg. per serving.) You can increase this dose if you’re a heavy consumer. But if it’s your first time or you’re still a newbie, you should probably build up your experience first.

  • Can I directly consume THC distillates?

Yes, you can directly consume it by dropping minimal amounts under your tongue. But, again, practice caution if you’re planning on trying this method out. As mentioned earlier, this substance is powerful.

  • How do I use THC distillates?

Now, this question is going to have many answers. Earlier, we talked about how versatile this substance is. And mind you, a single package of THC distillate can be used for multiple cannabis items. So, below are the things you can do with a dropper or a syringe of pure distillate:

THC Distillate Use:








Using THC distillate in vaping is a common practice. You can get a trustworthy vape pen and load the distillate in. This method won’t require much work, and you’re expected to feel the “kick instantly.”


Using battery-operated vape pens by itself is known to have an instantaneous and rather “intense” sensation. So, assess yourself first to avoid feeling overwhelmed. You can always gradually build up your dosage tolerance. Don’t rush it.






Dabbing is also a popular option among cannabis users. What you can do is take out your dab rig and start from there. This is a good option because you can save a lot of distillate and maximize its powerful effects.







Smoking with THC distillate is another terrific option. Since the distillate is in liquid-like oil form, what you can do is take your rolling paper.


Then, you add tobacco and/or cannabis as you would usually do. Now, sprinkle a few drops into the mix. Just like that, you have your high-powered distillate smoke.









This isn’t as popular as the other options. But, it’s certainly something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Tinctures are made from distillates suspended in alcohol.


This will take you about three weeks to make. But it’s worth it. If you don’t want to make it yourself, many excellent and professionally-made tinctures are available online. These are also very discreet, and the effect is felt in an instant.






One of the easiest methods to try is the incorporation of THC distillates with topicals. Simply add this to your lotions, creams, or balms.


This will help ease irritation or any pain felt by your body. It’s also an excellent aid for relaxation.









Another fan favorite is edibles. Opting for this method means that you have to expect late sensations. Since edibles are digested, the effects can have delays.


But remember, anything with THC isn’t something to be underestimated. Although there are delays, the sensations are intense. Edibles are very versatile too. You can go for the classic weed brownie recipe, gummy candies, lollipops, cookies – you name it!


thc distillate, how to use THC distillate, cannabis products,

THC Distillate Tips

Knowing the item alone isn’t enough. So, here are some tips that can surely gear you towards having complete knowledge on everything about THC distillate:

  • Don’t be afraid to purchase THC distillate from a trusted online dispensary. Some sources might convince you to try making everything from scratch. But, distillates require technical skill to perfect. So, please leave it to the professionals. These companies spent their career perfecting this craft; you can trust them with this one.
  • Other distillates come with exciting flavors like orange, strawberry, or mango. Go for this option only if you’re cooking an edible with the same flavor. If you’re not, stick to the original or “raw” variation. You want to go as tasteless as possible if you’re creating a new recipe.
  • Although this has been repeated throughout the article, please don’t consume heavy amounts of distillate if you’re still a beginner. The substance’s potency is exceptionally overwhelming and psychoactive. Be reminded that a small dose of distillate will still do a lot.
  • Try everything listed in the table above. Eventually, you’re going to find the one that fits your style more. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to grasp the beauty of THC distillates truly.

As long as you have safety and creativity in check, THC distillates may be one of the best discoveries to exist. Understanding how it’s made, what it’s made for, and what it does to our bodies are pieces of knowledge that can help improve our experience. Above all, don’t forget to sit back, relax, and have fun!

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