Cannabis 101: The Definitive Guide on How to Roll a Joint Successfully

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Knowing how to roll a joint is a must for every weed user. Now, if you’re new to trying out cannabis products and you’re feeling the pressure of knowing how to roll a perfect joint. Then, this article is just for you. Here, we are going step-by-step on how to roll a joint. After reading this, you’ll be a joint expert yourself. Plus, we’re going to give you tips and alternatives for you to try out.

Basic Questions on Rolling a Joint

  • What’s a Joint?

In the simplest words, the act of rolling a joint means making a cigarette out of marijuana. This is hand-rolled using rolling papers (obviously!) And it’s a widely popular method among weed users for the immediate sensation it gives you after trying. It’s also known as a convenient way of getting your marijuana fix without purchasing extra items or cooking up edibles.

  • How do I roll a perfect joint?

Let’s get down to business. Before starting, make sure to prepare the following as you’ll need all of these items to master the art of rolling a joint:

  1. Your preferred cannabis strain.
  2. Rolling papers (these are super cheap and easy to find.)
  3. A cannabis grinder
  4. A crutch (if you don’t know what this is, we’ll tell you where to find one)

Got all these prepared? You’re now ready to roll a joint. Now, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below:



          First Step: Breaking the Cannabis


The first you want to do is break down or grind the cannabis flower. Make sure the flower is of top quality for a better experience. Using a grinder is the best option for this step. Doing so will give you more consistent bits than not using one.


PRO TIP: The flower must be very dry, to begin with. This will keep it from being sticky when touched!


Also, if you don’t have a grinder, you can use your hands. As much as possible, work slowly and gently, so you don’t end up damaging the cannabis trichomes (this plays a significant role sensation-wise.)


              Second Step: Make the Crutch

The crutch, also known as the tip, filter, or stopper, will dictate how thick your joint will be. You can use just about any paper material like cardboard, bond papers, or scratch papers for this one.


Just mush or crumple any paper until you achieve your desired thickness. Place this at the end of the rolling paper or “at the tip.” Some people don’t use crutches. But, we highly recommend it to avoid having the plants fall off the floor – or your mouth!


              Third Step: Stuffing the Joint


You’re almost done at this point. Place the crutch where the mouthpiece is going to be located. Then, lay the bits of the flower on the rolling paper forming a lined column with the tip or crutch.


PRO TIP: We suggest using half a gram to one gram only. Overloading the paper may end up ripping the joint. This can be a burden after lighting the joint.


               Fourth Step: Folding the Joint


Think about tacos. Using both thumbs and index fingers, pinch the paper to resemble a taco wrap. Sift the paper forward and backward, so the bits are evenly distributed.


PRO TIP: Shape the joint into a cylinder. Don’t make it too loose nor too tight. Also, don’t worry too much about the bits falling out. We can pick that up on the next step. For now, just make sure you have just about the right thickness.


                 Fifth Step: Rolling the Joint


Now it’s time to roll the joint. Slowly roll the non-adhesive side of the joint and tuck the paper over the weed. Do this step slowly while using your index fingers for support.


All that’s left now is the side with the adhesive. Slightly wet the adhesive part (you can do this by licking it.) Then, slowly seal the joint from the end of the mouthpiece since it’s more secure that way.


               Sixth Step: Securing the Joint


A lot of people don’t follow this step, but it’s a life-changer! What you want to do is take out any cylindrical object (i.e., pen, chopsticks, pencil, etc.) and push the weed inside, facing towards the mouthpiece.


Here, you can also add any of the bits you lost while rolling the joint. This is how you can make the most of your flower; plus, it’s easy to do.


              Seventh Step: Sealing the Joint


The last step (and the easiest one) is to twist the remaining paper at the tip and seal it! Inhale through the mouthpiece. And just like that, your joint is failproof!


Perfecting the art of how to roll a joint is a must for every weed lover. This method has been loved for years and remains a crowd-pleaser from all around the world. But of course, others, especially beginners, can’t help but question what we can get from joints. To answer that, below are some of the fundamental inquiries regarding rolling a joint and smoking in general:

roll a perfect joint, cannabis products, rolling a joint, how to roll a joint,

  • Can I use a dollar bill for rolling a joint?

Yes, you can! But it’s not exactly how you think it’s done. Rolling a joint with a dollar bill is used only to guide beginners who struggle with the “rolling part.” Basically, the steps we mentioned before are still observed, except that the dollar bill is used to help support the rolling paper during the “rolling part.”

So, does this mean people can’t use the actual dollar bill as a rolling paper? We don’t recommend it since its effectiveness in supporting the strains is weak. Plus, it’s such a waste of money!

  • Can I use cigar paper for rolling a joint?

Yes. Mixing cigars with the strains is a common and convenient practice. However, this method creates a “blunt” and not a joint. These two are entirely different both in substance and sensation. But if you want to incorporate your cigars into your weed, it’s possible.

  • What will I feel after smoking a joint?

This may just be great news for you. Among the many ways to consume cannabis products, vaping and smoking are the fastest-acting options. Upon smoking marijuana, the substances will directly pass through your lungs to your bloodstream. This will instantly redirect itself to the central organ of sensation, the brain.

Depending on the strain you used (whether for euphoria (THC) or relaxation (CDS)), expect to feel immense sensitivity around your surroundings. You’re also going to feel heightened senses and increased appetite. If you opt for a THC-rich flower, do expect psychoactive effects!

  • What’s the best rolling paper to use for rolling joints?

Unlike regular papers, rolling papers are made of non-wood materials. Examples include flax, sisal, straw, esparto, and rice. Others even use tobacco leaves for joints turned into blunts. While it’s a matter of personal preference, we recommend hemp papers. Because of its material, it feels very light, yet it can handle the material well. It also burns evenly and doesn’t affect the weed’s flavor.

  • roll a perfect joint, cannabis products, rolling a joint, how to roll a joint,

    Are there any alternatives for smoking joints?

Cannabis products are highly versatile. You can consume it directly through oils, distillates, or tinctures. Or eat them as edibles and many more. However, if you’re looking for something similar to joints, we recommend trying out vaping via vape pens. And if you’re not a fan of the idea of rolling joints, there are pre-rolled cones you can get in a trusted dispensary!

How to Roll a Joint (Your Way)

Just like any cannabis product to its user, everything is done better in your own way. So don’t feel pressured to get it perfectly the first time. Also, don’t be afraid to try out alternatives and other ways to smoke your weed. Marijuana is something to be enjoyed, so savor the process and have fun rolling!

roll a perfect joint, cannabis products, rolling a joint, how to roll a joint,

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