4 Effortless Ways to Use THC For Pain Relief Effectively

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Can I use THC for pain relief? Yes. In general, “pain” refers to any suffering felt by an individual. Sadly, many of us are experiencing a higher degree of pain.  According to a recent survey, an estimated 23.4 million individuals in America are in physical pain. This can include skeletal, muscular, and neurological pain. So, how can we use it to ease the pain? And above all, what do the studies say about this?

Marijuana and Pain Relief

When you think about it, cannabis products are promising since they can affect both the body and the mind. Using CBD or THC-heavy medications to relieve pain is not new. This has been utilized in a number of places where it is allowed, even before the dawn of social media and the Internet.

A survey of 1,059 patients with an average age of 57 years old indicated that 57% of them had used marijuana. And 90 percent of those polled said that it made them feel less pain. This information alone provides compelling evidence of its effectiveness.

But it doesn’t stop there. Cannabis products have been reported to aid with a variety of additional ailments, including glaucoma, migraine, Parkinson’s disease, depression, and many more.

thc for pain, how to use thc, cannabis products, tinctures, thc rubs

How Can Effective is Using THC for Pain?

Using THC for pain relief is effective, at least with what we know now. So far, studies have learned that THC can interact with the body’s cannabinoid receptors. THC decreases pain signals and perceptions inside our bodies whenever it accomplishes this. This is why it can momentarily alleviate pain.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, THC can also help ease the discomfort of patients suffering from systemic inflammation. It can even help activate an immunological response, which can help change one’s pain sensitivity. THC is helpful because it works on a molecular level that basic medicines or other pain-relieving alternatives cannot reach.

  • Does being high reduce pain?

In specific ways, it does. According to some sources, a slight euphoria can assist in redirecting or distract us from the discomfort we’re feeling. Others even claim that being “high” helps numb the sensations of pain. However, it is equally vital to note that these assertions have yet to be validated due to legal constraints in studying drug-related topics.

How to Use THC for Pain

While there are numerous ways to consume cannabis products, we have come up with the best ideas that will ensure a better outcome to help ease the pain:

  1. THC Tinctures

Don’t be concerned if you come across tinctures with “CBD” on the label. That’s perfectly fine, and in most circumstances, it’s even preferable. Tinctures are highly suggested for pain treatment due to the way they are ingested. Tinctures, as you may recall, are consumed by placing a syringe or dropper beneath the tongue. After that, you hold it in for a few seconds before swallowing it like any other tincture. (Here’s a full tutorial on tinctures)

Because of what is known as sublingual absorption, this method of taking THC is helpful for instant pain alleviation. THC can rapidly seep through your bloodstream and provide an immediate effect. Of course, no one wants their misery to last any longer!

  • What’s the right dosage for tinctures?

Typically, a 10-mL bottle contains 200 drops. This means the entire bottle contains 1,000 milligrams of CBD. Each drop should contain roughly 5 milligrams. So, to obtain 10 to 20 mg (the suggested dosage), you should take 1 to 3 drops and 4 if necessary. It is recommended that no more than 10 drops be used.

As a word of caution, tinctures are incredibly potent, and you will feel the effects almost immediately. As a result, there is no need to consume more than what is required. This rule applies to any cannabis product that comes in the form of a dropper.

thc for pain, how to use thc, cannabis products, tinctures, thc rubs

  1. Smoking or Vaping THC distillate or oil

THC distillates and oils are among the most versatile drugs on the market. With a single purchase of oils or distillates, you can create a variety of cannabis products. You can make edibles, roll joints, and many more.  However, we strongly advise you to smoke or vape in this situation if you want to maximize THC’s pain-relieving effects.

To smoke distillates or oils, you can use a vape pen. Because it is inhaled directly, this approach is also very quick-acting. As a result, it enters the lungs quickly and travels directly to the bloodstream. Again, the faster a substance acts, the sooner the pain will be relieved.

  • Which is better, smoking or vaping?

In this case, it’s really a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer smoking over vaping and vice versa. But if you’re still unaware of which suits you better, take this into consideration:

Vaping is better if you want something easier to assemble. Again, vape pens are very easy to set up. But suppose you’re feeling like going for the “classic” experience. In that case, we recommend smoking because setting it up is also fun for other people and others claim it “feels better.” Try both, and from there, you can assess yourself.

thc for pain, how to use thc, cannabis products, tinctures, thc rubs

  1. Homemade THC Rub or Body Cream

When we hear the words “THC or cannabis,” we immediately think of its health benefits for the internal system. This is correct. However, it does not end there. Remember how we said THC is known for its anti-inflammatory properties?

Well, if you mix THC oil or distillate with your usual cream, lotion, balm, oil, or body rub, you’ll have your very own THC rub! You can use this for back discomfort, itching, inflammation, or any other type of physical pain.

This is a fantastic option for those who believe they are not yet ready to smoke or take THC directly. It’s also ideal for individuals who prefer a physical or tangible effect over one that’s more on the internal level. 

Also, scented oils might be used if you are concerned about the aroma. Most THC oils, however, are infused with coconut oil or beeswax. And, because THC distillates are pure and terpene-free, you shouldn’t expect a strong aroma from them. You can even customize your own scent with the products you already have if you’re feeling like it! 

  1. THC Capsules

This method of using THC for pain relief is the most suggested idea for complete beginners. Consuming capsules or tablets is underappreciated. Many of us enjoy consuming edibles or smoking joints. When, in fact, capsules can also do incredible things for our bodies!

Aside from how discrete these are when you’re consuming it, one thing people overlook is control. As you may have noticed, this article has made numerous references to dosage precautions. This is because it is crucial for your health, but you don’t have to bother monitoring your dosages with capsules.

Why? It’s because THC capsules are already pre-measured during the manufacturing process. Capsules are your best choice if you desire more control over your dosage. These soft gels can be swallowed with water as you would with any pill.

With capsules, you can precisely measure the amount of THC included in each dose. If you’re not really a fan of measuring each dosage you consume, this is the one to reach for.

thc for pain, how to use thc, cannabis products, tinctures, thc rubs

The Takeaway on Using THC for Pain Relief

Obviously, there are numerous ways to use THC for pain relief. However, these four ideas have been determined to be the quickest and most convenient methods of doing so. We can’t say for sure how effective these ideas will be due to legal restrictions of proving their use.

However, we can be confident that the different efforts from various institutions to discover a link between THC and pain have produced promising results. It’s worth a shot, especially if you’re in pain. 

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