Cannabis 101: Critical Basics on How to Store Weed Correctly

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If you’re used to placing your buds on any plastic material you have lying around your house. Then, don’t be shocked if your lovely buds can’t do their magic any longer. Learning how to store weed appropriately is also a must for anyone who benefits from it. This goes out to absolutely everyone. 

Weed, if you know by now, can induce so many great benefits for your body.  It’s a beautiful thing to have, yet not everyone can gain access to possessing one. So, it would be a waste if you couldn’t maximize its potential because you’re storing it incorrectly. 

We don’t mean to scare you! Instead, we want you to make the most out of every purchase you have. We’ve listed the 3 best tips on how to store weed without failure.  These are the only things you need to know about keeping cannabis the right way. We promise you don’t have to spend a lot of money or do a lot of work!

Why is Storing Weed Important?

I mean, what’s the point of learning how to store weed when you can’t even tell why it’s important, right? We absolutely get it. And you’re not alone; people usually question the importance of storage when they’re starting out. But, here’s everything you need to know:

  • It won’t be able to do its job.

So hear us out, what’s the point of purchasing buds that can’t relax you nor make you high, right? No matter how great the plant is, it can’t work properly if it’s not stored correctly. Aside from the medicinal benefits of cannabis, we enjoy smoking marijuana for the high it provides. Unfortunately, an improperly stored stash will give you a bad experience. You wouldn’t want that!

  • It can badly affect your health.

Seriously, this is something that must be avoided. See, cannabis that has not been correctly stored absorbs moisture. Mold and mildew will grow in the plant as a result. This is very harmful once introduced to the body. Consequently, the user may experience symptoms such as sinus pain, discharge, and congestion. Also, mold is likely to cause a severe allergic reaction in most people.

  • You’ll know that it tastes and feels terrible.

The poor quality of the plant will not be discreet; you’re going to know it the hard way. When a flower is improperly stored, it attracts moisture. When this happens, it will become brittle and loses its essential terpenes. This means that the potency and, notably, the taste will be impacted.

No one wants their bud dry, moldy, harmful, and gross. That’s how important it is to know how to store weed properly.

how to store weed, marijuana storage, cannabis products, store weed, storing weed

Tips on How to Store Weed

The fundamentals of cannabis storage are light, air, and storage. Basically, it’s affected by almost anything present in its environment. Luckily, it will not cost you great money or time to maintain the quality of your cannabis goods. This list includes three of the most critical things you should know about storing weed:

  1. Cannabis Can Go Bad

Is it possible for marijuana to go bad? Yes. Regardless of how many people have convinced you that marijuana is invincible, it is not. This is the first thing you must acknowledge because most cannabis users make the mistake of believing that their buds are immune to any damage. 

  • Can other cannabis products aside from flowers expire too?

Yes, cannabis products have an expiration date. CBD oil, for example, has a storage life of 1 to 2 years. What distinguishes cannabis products from the regular bud is that they don’t require much attention or maintenance after purchase. You can just put them on a shelf at the appropriate temperature and call it a day.

This isn’t the case for flowers or buds. Although they’re both similar expiry-wise, buds are going to need more attention. That’s why you need to learn how to store weed because it won’t come with its own manual book!

  • When will my weed expire?

1 to 2 years. After cannabis is cured, this is the expected shelf life it’s going to have. Factors like storage will significantly affect the shelf life of cannabis. So if you want it to stay longer, store weed correctly! In a way, cannabis products are similar to wine or whiskey. Because for us to preserve its quality, a dark place with cool temperature is needed.

  • Can cured flowers expire?

Yes. Curing does not protect buds from going “bad.” In reality, this is simply a process for cultivators to preserve the fragrances and flavors of the flowers. Curing is the process of eliminating the initial moisture from buds after they have been trimmed. It can’t maintain the bud’s quality in any way.

how to store weed, marijuana storage, cannabis products, store weed, storing weed

  1. The Best Temperature for Weed

Temperature and humidity are the foundations of proper weed storage. The ideal humidity level for keeping marijuana is between 59% and 63%. Whereas the ideal temperature for weed is less than 77°F (25°C).

Balance must be observed at all times. See, anything less than the recommended humidity will trap moisture, leading to mold growth. Anything lower, on the other hand, has the potential to dry out the flower. For the temperature, you should store it somewhere dark and away from direct sunlight as much as possible.

Unlike regular plants, direct sunlight is every cannabis products’ enemy. For your weed, it’s going to break them down, hold moisture, and induce molds. So make sure to place it somewhere with almost zero sunlight.

  • What’s the best place to store weed?

We all know that not everyone has the time to precisely measure an area’s humidity and temperature. So, the best place to keep marijuana is in a dark closet or cabinet. Simply ensure that it is neither too hot nor too chilly. Your cannabis should be alright as long as it is not subjected to excessive temperatures.

This is entirely optional. You can also add humidity packs or purchase a humidor designed exclusively for cannabis storage. It is not required, but these extra goods might be very useful, especially if you intend to store larger quantities of weed. 

  • Is it alright to freeze weed?

No. It’s not a good idea to keep cannabis in the fridge or freeze it. This could cause the cannabis to dry out and lead the trichomes to fall off. The trichomes are the tiny hairs on the flowers that produce cannabinoids; they are crucial. You also don’t want to freeze your cannabis since this would cause it to become brittle and moldy.

So, sure, not everything that has been frozen is preserved. Again, you don’t want to expose cannabis products anywhere in extreme environments. And yes, this includes the freezer.

how to store weed, marijuana storage, cannabis products, store weed, storing weed

  1. The Best Storage for Weed

Storage is the core of mastering how to store weed. For your reference, the list below separates where it’s good and where it’s bad to store weed:



  • Air-tight Glass Jars

(Weed is best stored in airtight glass jars. These will keep your buds dry while being incredibly affordable. But there is a catch.

Even if you have terrific airtight glass jars, they can’t work if you place them in direct sunlight or harsh temperature conditions. You can increase your protection by using these jars and keeping them on a shelf away from the sun.)


  • Glass Mason Jars

(There is some debate over this. Because of their structure and functionality, mason jars can store weed. However, because the tightness of the jars varies, maintaining the proper temperature and humidity is difficult.

It’s fine if you want to use mason jars. However, you must pay close attention to where you store it because it will demand more attention. You should also keep the jar almost full to prevent extra air from entering.)

  •  UV-Proof glass stash containers

(These containers are UV-proof which is really useful. Still, you don’t want to put your weed somewhere that’s too hot or too cold despite it being UV-proof. These stash containers are also excellent for protecting the bud’s quality. The catch is that it cannot hold larger quantities of cannabis. If you’re a collector, this isn’t the option for you.)


  • Plastic Bags

(Plastic bags, which are commonly used by beginners, will eventually ruin everything magical from your buds. This prevents cannabis from retaining its potency and flavor.

Plastic bags expose your buds to the harsh conditions of your surroundings. Furthermore, it can cause the weed to quickly become damp and moldy. In shorter words, never store cannabis in plastic bags.)


  • ·  Stash Boxes

(Not all stash boxes are appropriate for storing weed. These sophisticated-looking wooden boxes will undoubtedly help you keep your cannabis neat and organized. They’re also airtight, which is a huge plus.

However, not all stash boxes are created equal. Avoid those made of cedar wood because it has a strong flavor that can interfere with the natural flavors of your weed. We recommend bamboo, walnut wood, or acacia wood!)


  • Plastic Containers

(Don’t place your weed somewhere that’s meant for food. These, like plastic bags, cannot keep weed away from moisture. As a result, molds will grow faster. 

It will also expose the buds to whatever temperature the room is set at. Furthermore, it cannot shield weed from the sun’s harmful light. So, no. Don’t use this.)

The Takeaway: Knowing How to Store Weed

A warm congratulations if you were able to obtain high-quality marijuana from our shop. We’re confident you’ll enjoy it. Unfortunately, no product will keep your marijuana fresh for more than a year or two. Only knowing how to store weed correctly is going to do the trick. It’s critical to understand what causes your weed to lose its integrity, as well as storage options for maintaining the buds. Again, cannabis is a valued item, so treat it with love and care!

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