Does Weed Go Old? 4 Eye-opening Weed Facts Before Buying!

does weed go old, cannabis products, weed facts

Stop! Before you even think of purchasing your very first batch of cannabis products, you must first know how long you can keep it for. Your safety matters above anything. Answering questions like “does weed go old” or “when is it still okay to consume?” will benefit you in the long run as a weed user. See, people have different opinions about what are the correct “weed facts” to follow.

But today, we are going to clear all of these out and finally answer how and when weed isn’t “okay” to consume anymore. We are also going to equip you with some of the tips you can use to prolong your stash’s shelf life. Let’s get started:

  1. Your definition of weed going “bad” is probably different from others.

The question “does weed go old” is subjective. How so? Well, there are two interpretations of weed “going bad.” If you define “going bad” as in like dairy or meat, then weed won’t “go bad.” Weed is not a dairy product nor a fresh product like meat. If it does “go bad,” it won’t have the same effects as you’d imagine it.

So, how does weed go old or bad? Since it won’t “rot”, you can tell that it’s not in its best condition if it starts to lose its quality. By this, you’ll start to notice that its texture is going to feel very brittle and dry. The smell is also going to be affected but, we’re going to dig deeper in this subject later.

One thing is for sure though, old weed won’t give you an upset stomach or poison you! If we think about it, the components of weed are similar to the dried herbs you have in your kitchen. If your garlic powder has been left untouched for years, you can expect that it’s going to be brittle, hard, and dry. Weed works like this too.

does weed go old, cannabis products, weed facts

  • Can I still use expired weed?

We wouldn’t recommend it. Although weed can’t rot like dairy or meat, it’s still open to growing mold and mildew. It’s one of the most overlooked weed facts but, having these two in any cannabis product is harmful. Consuming these can lead to sinus pain and congestion. And if you’re someone with specific or severe allergies, it might trigger reactions within your body.

Other users also added that dry and brittle weed tastes and feels terrible. They also experienced heavy coughs, and the encounter was just not worth the attempt. As much as possible, do try your best to consume fresh weed.

Of course, we can’t assure the same results or reactions for everyone. It might be “okay” for some and dangerous to others. However, we strongly discourage consuming old weed. Aside from safety and health purposes, you wouldn’t want to experience less from what you purchased. Weed is something you’re supposed to enjoy so, get the ones in their best conditions while you’re at it!

  1. Weed and its expiration date.

Knowing how does weed go old is one thing. But, learning when you can expect it to go old is another important question. We suggest checking this article out if you’d like more details as to how to properly store weed.

Generally, Dried cannabis can be stored without any problems for 6 months to 1 year after being purchased. Over this time, you shouldn’t be able to feel any loss in its aroma, potency, and overall quality. Upon further observing this matter, it’s found that weed loses around 16 percent of TCH content after a year. For more information, please refer to the table below:

Duration: Percentage of THC Loss:
One (1) Year 16 percent
Two (2) Years 26 percent
Three (3) Years 34 percent
Four (4) years 41 percent
  • What happens if cannabis products lose their THC content?

No, weed is not going to age like fine wine. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the substance responsible for the psychoactive effects of consuming weed. It’s basically the key ingredient present in cannabis products like tinctures, edibles, or capsules that give you that nice “high.”

So, if weed grows old enough to lose some of its THC content, the potency will also be affected. “Potency” refers to how strong the product is once consumed. If the potency decreases because the THC content is reduced, you can expect that the effects of weed won’t be as good. It also won’t get you as high as you’d like it to be.

Moreover, other cannabis users who insisted on consuming weed that’s way past its date report that the experience was “awful.” They described that the taste was unpleasantly harsh without the good, cloudy sensation. And that the smell changed a lot after not storing it correctly or consuming it again after many years.

  • How can I delay my cannabis products from going bad?

You can absolutely postpone the “scheduled” depreciation of your cannabis goods. The longest time you can keep your cannabis products is two years. As with most cannabis items, two years is the highest expectancy. The standard rule in weed indicates that anything will most likely lose its quality and potency after two years. There’s unfortunately no way of stopping chemical substances from doing this.

But instead of the estimated six months before weed goes bad, you can keep its quality fresh for two years. That’s already a good number!

  1. Weed changes a lot as it ages.

Fresh weed that’s recently been purchased from a dispensary has three main cannabinoids. These are CBD, THC, and CBC. You have probably heard about these a lot by now but, these components are responsible for your experience since they control the taste, feeling, and aroma. But, when your weed is exposed to ultraviolet light (from the sun) or when they’re stored incorrectly for a long time, your weed will “age” and is expected to undergo unpleasant changes.

How so? Instead of having high THC or CBD content that’s been purchased fresh from the dispensary, your weed is going to be CBN-filled. CBN is a cannabinoid that THC leaves out when after aging. CBN is less potent, and the experience people get from this is underwhelming.

To avoid this from happening, we recommend keeping your cannabis products somewhere really dark. Don’t underestimate this process because even if weed is exposed to sunlight for only a few seconds, a lot can change composition-wise.

does weed go old, cannabis products, weed facts

  • What should I avoid to keep my weed from aging?

Sunlight and moisture are two things you need to avoid the most. The harsh rays from the sun are going to dry out your weed. Thus, making your weed extremely brittle. Moisture is going to welcome mold and mildews from entering your weed. Moist can be caused by air that’s caused by poorly storing your cannabis products.

Weed is like human skin. When our skin is excessively exposed to the sun and smoke through pollution, it will age quickly. You wouldn’t want to prepone these things from happening. Unlike humans, there’s no sunscreen for cannabis. Again, how you store your weed is the make-or-deal for your stash’s shelf life.

  1. You’ll know if your weed is old.

Let’s clear things out. Does weed go old? Yes. Will it just happen out of nowhere? Yes. But here’s the good news – you’ll know it when it does. There are going to be signs that indicate aging weed.

  • How will I spot old weed?

Smell or aroma is the first thing you should check out. Cannabis products have a very distinct aroma when it’s still in its prime. You’ll grow familiar with the scent after purchasing from a dispensary. It shouldn’t be too harsh nor “intoxicating” to smell.

So, if you’re starting to notice that it’s a bit harsher than usual, it’s most likely old. Take note that some weed aromas are intense. But, the kind of old scent weed gives off is this “unpleasantly harsh scent that hurts your nose” and not the rich and robust weed smell people like.

The next thing to notice is the appearance and texture – spongy weed is old weed. And if you hold it and it starts to crumble even if you didn’t “push” or intentionally break it, it’s way past its prime. Anything extreme, like too dry or too moist, are also signs of aging. Obviously, if you see molds in your weed, it’s a given that it’s not in the best condition.

does weed go old, cannabis products, weed facts

  • Can I spot molds on weed?

Yes. If you look at your weed closely and see white, powder-like spots that are fuzzy-looking. bad news. Your weed has molds on them. Molds on weed also have an aroma. If you start smelling a hay-like scent on your stash, it’s most likely moldy.

We strongly discourage consuming moldy weed. Aside from experience or the quality of your bud, the health risks it poses is something you should avoid.

The Takeaway? Does Weed Go Old?

Does weed go old? Yes, it does. Texture, potency, and changes in sensation are the main indicators of “bad” or “old” weed. If stored poorly, it can grow mold and mildews that brings health issues. Put simply, no one is going to have a “good time” with old weed. That’s just a fact. However, we can avoid these and prolong the weed’s quality by properly storing it. And, of course, by buying the weed from a trustworthy dispensary that values quality.


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