3 Vital Facts About Weed and Coffee: The Undeniable Truths

weed and coffee, marijuana and caffeine safe , caffeine and cannabis

Whether the intention is to stay awake or to get moving, people reach for caffeine and cannabis all the time. We can confirm this with a report revealing that 5.03 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee are expected to be consumed by October 2022. And to think that this finding is only limited to Canada, we can agree that coffee is something people love. But, how about cannabis?

We don’t have to list every good thing cannabis can do to your mood and probably your day. But, can the combination of two good things come up with something greater? Above all, is it even safe to mix weed and coffee in our bodies?

Today, we are going to narrow down three (3) vital facts on weed and coffee and what you can expect the moment you consume both simultaneously. Not only that, at the end of the article, we are going to give you tips on how to get the perfect weed to coffee ratio! (It is possible, and yes, it’s 100% safe too.)

Can I Mix Coffee and Weed? (Short Answer)

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, you can. But, we don’t suggest mixing them. Due to the limitations in studying cannabis, there’s no exact answer. Still, the current related findings point out how mixing weed and coffee does not benefit our bodies and cause other disadvantages. It’s also found to degrade the quality of experience we get from cannabis. This is the short answer. If you’d like to know more about these, you can read the full report below.

weed and coffee, marijuana and caffeine safe , caffeine and cannabis

The Current Findings on Caffeine and Cannabis

First thing’s first, caffeine and cannabis have very different functionalities. Caffeine is a stimulant, and cannabis can either be a stimulant or a depressant. As you may or may not know, cannabis dominated by THC is a stimulant, whereas cannabis with more CBD isn’t. Coffee and THC-based can make you palpitate and feel more awake. It can also speed your body’s physical and cognitive functions. Whereas CBD-rich cannabis or Indica strains can only slow you down and make you feel relaxed (or sleepy!).

Recent studies found that combining them has different sensations and effects compared to consuming them individually or separately. Now, this may not be a good thing. To answer how, below are some of the most common questions regarding this matter:

  • Can I use weed to lessen coffee jitters?

There’s no exact study for this. But, it’s a given that if you’re planning on reaching out for cannabis to stop jitters, CBD or Indica strains should be the ones you’re getting. THC-rich products have similar effects to caffeine, such as palpitations and well, feeling jitters. Weed and coffee don’t go well with each other, especially THC and caffeine. We don’t advise “layering” them on top of each other. It might be detrimental to those with already existing palpitations or difficulties in relaxing.

  • Can I cancel the effects of weed with coffee?

There really isn’t anything that can “stop” the effects of cannabis once it enters your body. Others report that high levels of caffeine interfered with their experience with weed. So, it can’t “cancel” it but, it can lessen the quality of the experience you’re getting with weed. If you really want to enjoy the raw sensations of cannabis, try staying away from caffeine for a bit.

  • Can caffeine and cannabis interact with each other?

Yes. The human body’s adenosine receptors and cannabinoid system are two parts that interact with each other. So, the adenosine receptors are where coffee acts, and the cannabinoid system is for cannabis. When they interact in the hippocampus (where receptors regulate recognition and memory), the body reacts accordingly. This is most likely the reason behind memory impairment in combining weed and coffee. We’ll dive more into that later.

  • Is combining marijuana and caffeine safe?

If you were to separate them, cannabis and marijuana are absolutely safe to consume. In fact, both of them, especially cannabis, are found to have multiple health benefits. But if we were to combine them, it wouldn’t be much of a shocker that two powerful substances can make our body feel overwhelmed after.

weed and coffee, marijuana and caffeine safe , caffeine and cannabis

3 Things to Know About Weed and Coffee

It’s true that the findings on caffeine and cannabis are limited. However, these three things are found to be extremely helpful for those who tried or are planning to mix weed and coffee together.

1. Combining these two substances can impair your memory.

As mentioned earlier, combining your cup of coffee with any cannabis product can damage your memory performance. A 2012 study can support this using rats as their subjects. They discovered that caffeine and THC inflicted adverse effects on the subjects’ working memory. Although they studied the brain chemistry of rats and not humans, they confirm that combining both is inadvisable, especially for younger people.

Other experts are also firm in warning people about memory loss. They stated that combining THC with caffeine impairs the memory long-term, in comparison to consuming THC alone. Other studies suggest that caffeine can increase the effects of THC, but when it comes to its memory-impairing effects, we can be quite certain that this isn’t the case.

So, if you’re prepping up for a test and wish to stay awake, we suggest drinking coffee or smoking weed by itself.

2. Your dosage of caffeine and cannabis dictates the effects you’ll experience.

Again, these claims are not yet verified by studies. But, the academic efforts regarding this subject reveal that one’s dosage can completely alter the effects one can experience in combining weed and coffee. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Small amounts of caffeine can prolong or lengthen your “high.”
  • Excessive equal amounts of caffeine and cannabis can induce heavy palpitations.
  • Moderate amounts of CBD can be used to decrease palpitations or jitters caused by coffee.
  • Combining coffee and caffeine can increase euphoric sensations. However, its safety is being questioned as the body might get overwhelmed.
  • Large amounts of caffeine can stop you from experiencing the full effects of weed.

weed and coffee, marijuana and caffeine safe , caffeine and cannabis

3. There are better alternatives to weed and coffee.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to end an article without showing you ways to get your coffee and weed fix at the same time. See, the problem most people get is when they drink coffee then smoke marijuana afterward. Perhaps, if we knew how to maneuver the best of both worlds, we wouldn’t encounter risking our health. So, below are the alternatives you can try without worrying about your safety:

  • CBD Tinctures

As stated earlier, CBD can help decrease your coffee jitters. So, they’re absolutely safe. CBD tinctures are good alternatives to stressful nights where you can’t seem to focus well. Instead of reaching out for coffee, try these instead. Within a few minutes, you’ll feel calm and more motivated to carry on with your tasks.

  • Chocolates

If you’re like most people, the best part of your coffee mug is the chocolate drizzles you put on the side or as an add-on for your whipped cream. If that’s the case, our cannabis-infused chocolates will surely satisfy your cravings. Like most of our products, we have many flavors and variations for you to choose from. And come on, who doesn’t like chocolates, right?

The Takeaway: Can I Mix Weed and Coffee Together?

Due to research limitations, we can’t confirm all the claims explaining the relationship between caffeine and cannabis yet. However, some promising studies point to the memory-damaging effects of this combination and how dosages significantly affect the experience one is bound to feel. Nevertheless, there are many must-try alternatives you can reach for at Pure Fresh Cannabis that will satisfy your cravings for both coffee and cannabis!

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