What Are CBD Capsules: The Best Ones To Get (2021)

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CBD capsules are underappreciated. These magical pills can do more while weighing and doing less. How is that possible, you ask? Today, we are going to dive into what CBD capsules are and which ones you should definitely give a try. Perhaps, at the end of this short article, you might just find your favorite cannabis item among all the options we have available for you. Thinking of trying out CBD capsules? Here’s everything you need to know about it:

What are CBD capsules?

The simplest (and most obvious) definition is that these are capsules derived from CBD or cannabidiol. But there’s more to that. Since CBD capsules do their magic in our bodies through the digestive system. The body is going to take its time in processing it so, we can expect a long-lasting effect. CBD capsules act like CBD edibles, but the brighter side of such is how we can actually control our dosage more.

Cannabidiol or CBD is what makes up these capsules. If you’re not yet familiar with how CBD works, basically, it’s a chemical compound from the Cannabis sativa (or the “marijuana plant”). It’s excellent for aiding in seizures, anxiety, chronic pain, migraines, and more.

Unlike its counterpart, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD will not cause any euphoric or psychoactive sensations. It’s just another way of saying that CBD can’t make you high. Unless you’re consuming a CBD-dominant product with a hint of THC, don’t expect to feel palpitations or sensations of euphoria.

This is the general overview of what CBD capsules are. Now, why should you give these babies a try?

cbd capsules, cbd pills, cbd capsules effect, cbd capsules vs oil,

CBD Capsules Effect: Why Should I Try CBD Pills?

Here, we are going to connect your lifestyle to the hidden charms of these pills. Of course, we can’t expect to always have the time and luxury to smoke a joint or carry a vape. So, below are some of the situations where a CBD capsule may just give you the best experience:

You’re a beginner or a “cannabis newbie.”

The thought of trying out weed or any cannabis product for the first time is both exciting and terrifying. If you’re worried as to how your body is going to react or your tolerance for weed, CBD pills are the perfect ones to get! These bottles come with labels that dictate how potent the substances are, as well as how much you’re advised to take.

And if you’re on a budget, you’ll know exactly how many capsules are inside. That way, you can “schedule” when you’re going to consume them. It’s a good saving tip for cannabis users! 

You hate surprises

Others dig not knowing what they’re going to experience after trying a cannabis item. But for many, surprises are just not a good thing. And that’s okay!

CBD capsules come in bottles that dictate whether they’re for sleeping, energizing, relaxation, or anxiety reduction. Many cannabis users appreciate the transparency that comes with these bottles. Since CBD capsules are heavily studied and tested before they even touch the market’s surface, manufacturers include valuable information such as dosage, potency, and how many minutes or hours will it take for the pill to “kick in” your body.

You can’t stand certain aromas

Truth be told, cannabis products like joints or vapes have this earthy, rich aroma that others love and others hate. If you’re one of the few who absolutely despise the smell of the cannabis plant, you have to try CBD pills. Why? It’s obvious, pills can’t smell like anything. You can consume it without worrying about any unwanted “traces” you might leave.

This also applies to those who live with partners, friends, or family members that don’t appreciate the smell of cannabis. It’s also easier to consume since there’s no preparation needed. Just take it out of the bottle, swallow it with or without water, and enjoy!

You prefer a “lighter” kick

There are many weed users who prefer a lighter, less heavy “kick”. Not everyone likes intense sensations or effects, may it be through THC or CBD. If you’re one of those who dig the more subtle experience, CBD capsules and CBD edibles are two of the best options you can opt for.

As mentioned earlier, our body accepts CBD pills through digestion. And because of this, the body is going to break the substances down even more. Because of this, the potency of the pill may also decrease. But this isn’t a bad thing and should not be underestimated. Since the pill is going to take its time breaking down inside your body, you are going to experience it for a longer time.

Other cannabis products like vapes and joints are fast-acting but short-lived. They are also very intense the moment the sensations kick in. If you’re the type to appreciate a slower yet more long-lasting effect, CBD pills are great. CBD edibles like gummies or chocolates are great options too. But, if you’d like to skip the sugar and get on with the effects of the cannabis plant, you’ll enjoy CBD capsules more.

You don’t like storing weed

If you love the effects of cannabis but hate the pressure that comes with properly storing it – CBD capsules are your besties. If you’re not yet aware, how you store cannabis items will dictate their quality, shelf life, and even your safety. CBD capsules are super easy to keep. Just make sure it is placed in a dark area with zero sunlight, and you’re done. It’s quite similar to how you’d usually keep your other medicines too. No pressure there.

cbd capsules, cbd pills, cbd capsules effect, cbd capsules vs oil,

CBD Capsules vs Oil: Which One Is Better?

There’s an ongoing debate between cannabis lovers – Are CBD capsules better than CBD oil? Obviously, the answer depends on whatever it is you’re looking for. To know which one is better for you, please check the table below:


CBD Capsules/CBD Pills

CBD Oils

“Which is more long-lasting?”

CBD capsules are more long-lasting than CBD oils.

These are more short-lived. But, there is an exception. If CBD oils are used for cooking or creating recipes then, they can be as long-lasting as CBD capsules. If not, their effect won’t last as long.

“Which will have more effects?”

If you’re down for a more intense sensation, capsules won’t give you as much. But if the “effects” you’re looking for is something you can feel for the entire day, CBD capsules will fulfil that more than CBD oils.

If you want a strong effect you can feel instantly, CBD oils are more suggestible. We recommend dabbing or smoking CBD oils for a more “elevated” feel.

“Which is more expensive?”

This depends on the brand. (We listed some products below for you to check out!)

This depends on the brand.

“Which is better for relaxation/sleep?”

CBD capsules are more suggested for deep sleep. Since the effects are expected to be long-lasting, we can expect it to be felt throughout the night.

If you want to sleep or relax ASAP, CBD oils are the way to go. Of course, this will depend on what kind of CBD oil you have. (Those with THC are a big no-no for sleep!)

“Which can I personalize?”

You cannot personalize CBD capsules. They are taken as they were manufactured.

You can personalize CBD oils. You can create edibles, joints, meal recipes, juices, cocktails, and many more (given that you’re cautious with the amount you’re putting in your CBD creations.)

cbd capsules, cbd pills, cbd capsules effect, cbd capsules vs oil,

CBD Capsule Recommendations: Our 2021 Picks 

Here at Pure Fresh Cannabis, our team works 24/7 in search of top-rated items with the best deals for your 100% weed experience. While we do have plenty of CBD options for you to choose from, we’ve narrowed down two of the best beginner-friendly caps for you to try. Our team understands that many of us like CBD and THC in separate levels so, we prepared our best picks for both!

Note that these recommendations are fit for those who are just starting or is still hesitant to try on heavier doses. So if you’d like more intense options, we recommend checking our CBD listing.

  1. CBD 30 900mg Softgel Caps – Boost

This is our pick for those who’d like the CBD option. This contain 30mg per cap, 900mg per bottle. The company boasts itself of having expertly dosed, and lab-tested – we appreciate this. These soft gel caps are rich in amino acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6. It’s the perfect CBD pill to take if you’re suffering any form of mental or physical pain, as well as if you’d just like to doze off after a long week.

  1. THC 25 750mg Softgel Caps – Boost

Of course, we know that a little THC is needed in some situations. So, we also prepared our best pick for CBD capsules with THC in them. Like our previous pick, this is also expertly dosed, and lab tested. This is good for beginners who wants to gradually introduce small doses of THC in their bodies. Again, not everyone likes surprises. This bottle has 30 caps, with 25mg per cap and 750mg per bottle.

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