Weed 101: Learning How to Instantly Relieve Pain With THC Only!

relieve pain with THC, how to use thc, thc for pain, pain relief

Are You in Pain?

Pain is never good. This sensation is described as any discomfort felt by an individual. Unfortunately, a lot of us experience more than just “discomfort.” A recent study has revealed that an estimated 23.4 million adults in America are in physical pain. This can range from skeletal, muscular, and neurological pain. Now, what if you can instantly relieve pain with THC alone? Here’s good news – you can. 

relieve pain with THC, how to use thc, thc for pain, pain relief

What about THC?

This article goes deep with THC and its potential in aiding many types of pain.

THC has always been known for euphoria and other “upbeat” definitions. But, did you know that you can utilize THC for pain? If we look more into it, THC is a promising substance since it can directly affect both the body and the mind. As we all know, pain generates within the brain and is experienced by the body.

So, what if we can use THC to not only have a great time but also spare ourselves from pain? Wouldn’t that be great? Lucky for you, this article is going to cover how anyone can relieve pain with THC. Knowing how to use THC is one thing. But, knowing how to use THC for pain? That just makes everything better.

relieve pain with THC, how to use thc, thc for pain, pain relief

Ways on How to Instantly Relieve Pain With Only THC!

Let’s get right into it. Follow these steps depending on what kind of THC product you have or you’re planning to get. Check the ways in which you can carry these steps out and expect your pain to go away! If you’re interested in learning more about the studies behind these tips, you can check out the bottom part of the article, where we will tackle why these steps will work!

Tip #1: Swallow Your THC.

Among all the tips we have on how to use THC for pain, this is the easiest one to follow. So, you have two options for “swallowing your THC” – via capsule or edible.


Just like any capsule, you can take these with water, and you’re done. Cannabis-infused capsules are generally derived from distillates but, the difference is that you can actually see the dosage in each cap you take. This is very helpful because there are conditions that are worsened by palpitations and euphoric sensations (which are common effects that come with high-THC cannabis products.)

For capsules, cannabis dispensaries usually have two kinds; CBD-dominant ones and those mixed with THC. If your goal is to relieve pain and feel energized, go with those with THC in them. But, if you’d like to free yourself from discomfort with the goal of sleeping well, try the CBD-exclusive ones.

If you wish to know more about CBD capsules, this article might help you out.


A fun way of consuming THC is through weed edibles. Like capsules, these are long-lasting since they are also digested by the body. Actually, capsules and edibles almost have the same effect.

Only that, edibles are generally less expensive, and they come with many delicious flavors people enjoy. Like capsules, the dosage in each bar or candy is also measured. That way, it’s unlikely for someone to overdose on them. At the end of the day, it’s up to you!

Tip #2: How to Ease Pain ASAP

If capsules and edibles are long-lasting but slow in effect, does this mean that you have to endure the pain before the effect kicks in? No. If the kind of pain you’re experiencing needs instant relief and you don’t mind it being shorter in effect, here are ways on how to do it:

THC Tinctures

THC Tinctures are consumed and taken by the body through sublingual absorption. Because tinctures are experienced by dropping the substance under the tongue through a syringe, it means that its effect on the body is faster.  Through tinctures, THC content immediately seeps into your bloodstream. Thus, guaranteeing instant relief.

  • How many drops of tinctures should I take?

Mind you, tinctures are potent, and you’ll feel the kick in an instant. So, there’s no need to consume more than what’s needed. Below is the general rule for tinctures packed in bottles:

A 10-mL bottle usually contains 200 drops. This means that the entire bottle has 1,000 mg of CBD. Each drop should hold about 5 mg. each. So, to achieve 10 to 20 mg (the recommended dosage), you should take around 1 to 3 drops and 4 if it’s really needed. It’s advisable to never go beyond 10 drops.

If your tincture doesn’t come in a bottle, please check the amount using a dosage calculator online. Again, its potency is something to be mindful of. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm your body, especially at times where it’s in pain.

 Smoke or Vape It!

Sounds fun, right? To ease pain, you can buy an ever-versatile bottle of any cannabis-infused oil or distillate. You can make plenty of cannabis products within a single purchase of oils or distillates. But that’s not our focus today.

Instead, we specifically recommend you smoking or vaping it if you’re trying to maximize THC’s pain-relieving benefits.

You can use a vape pen to smoke distillates or oils. See, this method is also very fast-acting because it’s directly inhaled. You can expect it to go straight to the bloodstream through the lungs. If you want fast, smoke or vape it!

Tip #3: Rub it!

THC Rubs

Here’s a shocker – THC is actually a strong substance with anti-inflammatory effects. And if you’re familiar with any mint ointment, you know how anti-inflammatory rubs ease physical pain in the most relaxing way possible. It’ll feel like you’re in a spa! And yes, you can do the same thing with your THC rub!

If you add THC oil or distillate on your cream, lotion, balm, oil, or body rub, you end up with your very own version of THC rub! You can use this for back pains, itchiness, inflammation, or any physical pain you’re experiencing. You’ll really appreciate this tip if you’re not in the mood for smoking or directly consuming THC too.

We understand that some people are sensitive when it comes to scent. If you’re worried about how you’ll smell like after rubbing your THC balm on your skin, we recommend adding coconut oil or beeswax. But don’t worry, distillates usually don’t have scent in them (unless you’re sensitive to scents!)

How to Relieve Pain with THC: The Science

If you’re new to the party, this isn’t the first time that THC-dominant products are used in pain relief. And it’s not just THC. CBD is also a notable choice for aiding pain.

report with 1,059 patients with an average age of 57 years old reveals an interesting finding. As per the result, 57% of them have tried marijuana. And within this percentage, 90% of them confirmed that this helped lessen their pain levels. This information alone is excellent evidence for its effectiveness.

Cannabis products, in general, are found to help with other conditions like glaucoma, migraine, Parkinson’s disease, depression, and many more. This is why other places in the world are slowly incorporating cannabis products and listing them as medicinal items.

Can I feel less pain when I’m high?

THC can make you high, and, in a way, it does help with relieving pain. Some sources are confident that a bit of euphoria can help us redirect or distract ourselves from the pain we’re experiencing. Others even suggest that being “high” can numb the sensations of being in pain. However, it’s also important to remember that these claims are still not confirmed due to legal restrictions.

relieve pain with THC, how to use thc, thc for pain, pain relief

THC for Pain: Does It Really Work?

As you might have noticed, the restrictions in research hinder scholars from exploring the many pain-relieving effects of THC. However, the findings we currently have, as well as the testimonies we heard from different people, offer great points in answering our question. At times where you’re in pain, it feels like you can do anything just to relieve it for a minute. If THC can do the trick for you, do continue using it. In the end, what matters most is if it works for you or not.

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