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PureFresh Cannabis is About Us. We started in our basements as a way to supply ourselves with premium cannabis products. Our team is based out of Vancouver BC .

Our team looked for a cannabis service that met our needs, but we were unable to find one. After months and months of searching for a supplier that met our needs, we decided to take it into our own hands and provide the service ourselves. This was how PureFresh Cannabis was born.

Our friends and families took note of our products and requested that we supply them and bring our quality to the rest of Canada.

We take pride in providing top quality, affordable and discreet service for all of our users.

We take these points very seriously and will not compromise the integrity of our product for any reason whatsoever. When ordering with PureFresh Cannabis you can be assured that your product is sourced from the best local cultivators, growers, processors and manufacturers to give you peace of mind.

PureFresh Cannabis work with some of the top producers of edibles, oils, vape pens, and other non-flower products.

We are proud to work with suppliers including Baked Edibles, Faded Cannabis, Twisted Extracts, Phant Extracts, XO Extracts, BuudaBomb, Coast Concentrates and DickPunch Extracts. We are always looking to add new suppliers to our growing list.

Dont see a supplier here you like? Let us know! and we will add them to our list!

We believe our model will appeal to everyone who is interested in the cannabis space. From new users to experienced veterans, we have a product for you, for whatever feeling or mood or pain you’re in. We’re here to help.