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I couldn’t be happier with Pure Fresh Cannabis. They truly set the bar for great service and selection. I love that they have everything from flowers to edibles to concentrates and more. They are reliable and with their quick delivery, I’m able to purchase often and try new things!

Tanya / Montreal

We’ve had some seriously bad weather this year in Edmonton. From typical cold winters to terrible fires this summer. It makes doing errands so much worst. I’m so glad I can knock one of those errands off my list by ordering my bi-monthly stock from Pure Fresh Cannabis. I get my items delivered to my door and I never run out.

Jennifer / Edmonton

Great selection and easy ordering. Nothing beats Pure Fresh Cannabis! I travel across Canada quite a bit and Pure Fresh Cannabis always makes sure that I’m stocked no matter where I go.

Steve / Toronto

FINALLY! It’s 2018 and I thought I’d never be able to purchase my stash so easily. Pure Fresh Cannabis is THE best. Not only is it easy to purchase but delivery is quick and the service is always friendly.

Melanie / Vancouver

The best Canadian delivery company! Super quick, super knowledgeable and the process was a breeze.

Darren / Calgary

My wife and I recently decided we wanted to decrease the usage of some of the prescription medications that we’ve been prescribed. As older folks, we didn’t feel comfortable going to dispensaries. We are so thankful for the staff at Pure Fresh Cannabis. They answered all our questions and made sure we felt comfortable. The process was simple and discreet. We could not recommend a better service.

Eileen & Kenneth / Vancouver

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